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ZARTASHIA ZAREEN Motivational Speaker


I am Working since 2005 as an Educationist. I have been through different roles throughout my professional journey since then.

I worked as Head (Principal) of Three different colleges at various times. Detail is given below.

 I have been working in the field of Training & Motivation for more than 15 years. I am also a Social Media Activist & Influencer. I have my Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Snack Video. I have been on all these platforms for many years. I usually highlight the issues and problems of common people through my social media platforms.

I believe that every one of us is a unique Human being whose existence with Proper Dignity is as sacred as it can be. In our society, my endeavor is to support Women from different walks of life to bring positive change to this society. I also work on Women’s Empowerment at my own cost.

Positions I held: 

  • Lecturer in English at Oxford International College (OIC)
  • Principal at  Oxford International College (OIC)
  • Principal at Gabriel College (GC), Mandi Bahauddin
  • Principal at Pujab Group of Colleges, Mandi Bahauddin Campus
  • Director AGS (Averroes Group of Schools)

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