Women's rights in Pakistan An insight to the women's right in Pakistan

An Insight into the “Women’s Rights in Pakistan”

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I hope that you all are well. I always talk about girls, sisters, and daughters. Because in our society, a very large number of the population is women.


And unfortunately, most of them are women who are unaware of their basic rights. And because they are unaware of this, the majority of the male community takes advantage of this.  And as much as possible, their rights are violated.  They (the women) are in the state of a wife, a daughter, or a sister.  Many male members of our society, do not give their sisters a share in the inherited property.


And even if they are in trouble, males leave them in that trouble. And they become a snake to usurp that property.  And some people even deprive their sisters of their lives.  And some male members do not get their sisters married so that their property will be taken away from those women.


In the same way, there are people who get married with a lot of passion. But after marriage, they oppress their wives in such a way that they think that we are their real God. How can a civil society having the civic sense and rules, do such oppressive atrocities with women? But this all really happens here in Asia, particularly in Pakistan, in a society that is made in the name of Islam, and the foundation of which is Islam. And Islam is a religion that is based on the concept of the huge respect and honor of a woman. And Islam is far more spacious in this matter than any other religion in the entire world. And in this Islamic society, they, (the male members) violate the rights of women; whether that woman is in the state of a mother, a wife, a sister, or a daughter. The situation remains the same.


But unfortunately, we are so-called Muslims. We are Muslims only when we are to criticize others. We become Muslims to question others, to insult others, or we become Muslims when we need to fulfill our malicious goals or intentions. But when it comes to our own homes, we are a layman. A layman who does not have any knowledge about the true spirit of Islam, or else does not need to have any.


Our holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has told us many times how to protect the rights of females depending upon us. He lays emphasis on how our religion has ordered us to fulfill and safeguard the rights of our sisters, daughters, and other women depending upon them.


But when it comes to them, (males), then they become so ignorant that they don’t know anything. They bring up false notions and social traditions. They bring up the immoral character of women. And this is how much oppression is exerted on the women of their homes. And many times our eyes are shy when we see such atrocities in our society, still prevailing in this twenty-first century. And it is regrettable to notice where these Muslims are going.


And these are the Muslims, who had to become the true followers of their Holy Prophet (SAW). The Holy Prophet (SAW) teaches them the lesson of how they should behave with their women, with their non-Muslim colleagues or neighbors. Let me ask all of you a few questions, just a few:


  1. How many daughters are there who are not deprived of their right to education? Just on the grounds that she is a daughter, and she has to go to someone else’s house tomorrow. She has not to do a job, so she does not need to get any education at all. Therefore, we deprive them of the fundamental right of their education.


  1. In the same way, how many women are there who are not deprived of their right to access medical facilities? It is done just because their lives are not worth anything. And they should be treated at home. And because of this, many girls are deprived of their lives.


  1. Similarly, how many women are there who are not deprived of their right to Property? And the most common, rather stupid notion and stance is that we have already spent a lot of money on her brought-up and on marriage even. So her share in the property is completely out of the question.


So we all need to think about the direction in which we are heading to. This is a society of an Islamic State, where the majority of the people are Muslims, where there will be oppression in Muslim society, where women will be forced to commit suicide, where children will not be given education, and where there will be oppression in society even after marriage, where the wife who wants to be her own guardian will be humiliated; she is forced to the extent that she will take her own life.


So such a society needs to think about all these things at least once. And such a society and all those men who do this, they should think that Allah has made them guardians of their respective women. And it is their responsibility to fulfill their rights. So it is my humble request to protect all the rights of women in our society. And try to give them their due rights properly. That’s all for now. Thanks

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