USA Elections 2024

Unveiling Worries: A Preview of the Key Issues for the US Election 2024

Hey this is Zartashia Zareen from Pakistan. I have a deep concern and a heart-core feelings for the USA people and socio-economic-cultural aspects of the american society. So here is my article about the American Elections 2024. Please read it and do convey your thoughts in comments.

Introduction to US Election 2024


The coming United States presidential election in 2024 is expected to be a turning point for the country’s politics. It is therefore important at this stage to discuss some major concerns and problems which are likely to determine the campaign trail and shape voters’ minds as we approach this crucial moment. In this inclusive piece, we will look into different sides of the election from potential candidates all the way down to pressing concerns that undoubtedly will be on top among public debates.


USA Election 2024 Importance


US 2024 presidential elections are very significant as they decide what direction will country take for next four years. Whoever comes into power after these polls has long lasting effects on American economy, social fabric and even geopolitics. For this reason citizens need to get involved in such processes by being well informed so that their voices can count towards shaping policy agendas while also ensuring that leaders address their needs.


  • Major players & potential contenders for USA Election 2024


With an eye towards 2024 there have been several names floated from both Democratic party as well as Republican party who could run for office during next year’s general elections. Among Democratic hopefuls include Vice President Kamala Harris; California Governor Gavin Newsom; Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg etc., whereas Former President Donald Trump may seek re-election among other possible Republican candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or Former Vice President Mike Pence.


Concerns and problems for USA Election 2024


  • Economic issues & policies


State of economy is set become one biggest decider points during 2024 elections. Inflation, unemployment rate, cost living standards among others shall be closely monitored by voters who would want see better financial stability across nation not forgetting about taxes imposed on them through various government programs plus how money gets spent vis trade balance management generally national budgeting systems.


  • Social issues & cultural divides


Deep rooted social divisions within US will continue being major talking points during 2024 election. Matters concerning racial justice; LGBTQ+ rights; immigration and role played by religion in public life are expected to ignite fiery debates among candidates seeking different seats at all levels of governance across America. These delicate subjects need be handled with care considering that they touch on people’s emotions, beliefs systems as well as their sense identity thus any approach taken must foster unity rather than division.


  • Climate change/environmental policies


There is urgent need for addressing global warming crisis now more than ever before when it comes down to voting year such as 2024. It would therefore be necessary for those vying various posts around country to state clearly how best they plan on transitioning towards use renewable energy sources while cutting down carbon emissions plus protecting communities from effects caused by climate change.


  • Healthcare/public health concerns


COVID-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses in healthcare systems worldwide and this calls for strong leadership which can bring about real tangible reforms that will withstand test time even beyond current administration tenure. Medical costs need come down; affordable insurances made available widely; high level preparedness should always be maintained against any possible outbreak among others if voters have their way during USA Election 2024.


  • Foreign policy and international relations


In this present world of globalisation the approach to foreign policy and international relations by the next president will be vital. The electorate may want candidates to touch on national security, US involvement in worldwide affairs and how they plan to handle relationships with friends and foes alike.


Voter engagement and turnout


High voter engagement and turnout are important for the 2024 election. Candidates should therefore find ways of mobilizing voters which means that political parties also need to come up with strategies that will inspire them especially those from marginalized communities who feel underrepresented so as not only hear their voices but also ensure their participation through voting.


Possible solutions and strategies for addressing these concerns


Candidates will require broad-based policies if they are going to solve the many problems facing our country today. This should involve ideas like jumpstarting economic growth; fostering social integration; combating climate change; strengthening healthcare systems as well increasing America’s standing globally among others. Politicians should also think about how best they can raise voter awareness levels while at same time making sure more people vote thereby giving us an electoral process that is all-inclusive considering various races within United States population.




The 2024 USA presidential election could be one of those turning points in American history when everything hangs fire awaiting decision on several critical issues touching directly or indirectly on peoples’ lives. Let every citizen get involved deeply enough so as not only know what each aspirant promises but hold him/her accountable afterwards too lest we lose track again.By concentrating efforts around these areas highlighted herein, it won’t be long before new government succeeds in uniting our nation together even while grappling with challenges ahead thus lighting up hope for brighter days ahead among citizens from all walks of life across this great land called America.


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