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Title: Hareem Shah & Her Values for Pakistani Society

Preface: Pakistan has lots of issues. People are living a miserable life. There are different kinds of constructive issues that should be discussed and focused. But unfortunately, what our media is discussing and focusing on? They are focusing on what sandal khatak is saying and what is the reaction of Hareem Shah.

Introduction: Today is an age of social media. And through this field, many people gain fame overnight on different social media platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, etc. Hareem Shah is one of them. She is a well-known social media personality from Pakistan. Hareem Shah’s gained the attention of many people, but it is quite compulsory to look at the potential ethical implications her actions and values may have on the impressionable youth, particularly in Pakistan.

The Power of Social Media: Different social media platforms are super tools to communicate one’s inner-self, creativity, personal experiences, and exposures globally. However, the impact of social media personalities like Hareem Shah should be critically examined, considering the potential consequences of their behavior and ethical values.

Controversial Content: Hareem Shah has garnered attention through her TikTok videos, which often feature provocative and controversial content. While these videos may entertain some, they can also be seen as promoting unethical behavior, disrespect, and a disregard for cultural norms. In a society like Pakistan, where values, tradition, modesty, and respect are of much importance, the influence of such content on impressionable young minds (more especially young female minds) can be concerning. She is often seen in her different leaked videos with some or the others. Whosoever defies her, she just shows her real face to him/ her. No matter whatsoever level the person is. She leaks her own nude pics and videos. And the same she does with many others. She is defying our cultural and social norms. What legacy she is bequeathing to our youngsters? Where are we all heading to? Hareem Shah’s behavior and values may send misleading messages about what is acceptable or desirable, potentially distorting the ethical compass of impressionable youth.

Her Most Recent Press Conference: In a recent press conference, yesterday, Hareem Shah called “yar” to different journalists. Our media promotes these types of immoral things which can detract our new generation. These girls promoted vulgarity, immoral video making, and blackmailing to others. They inspired other girls to do the same things on social media.

What should be done?: First, our society made them popular and then raised the question that why they are famous. Media gave them fame and also made them so-called stars. And unfortunately, these stars are misleading our sons and daughters

  1. The media shouldn’t give them importance.
  2. Their immoral videos shouldn’t be spread.
  3. Their videos should get dislikes.

If we practice these few things, we can save our new generation from these types of viruses which can harm our moral values.


Conclusion: The rise of social media influencers brings both opportunities and ethical challenges. In the case of Hareem Shah, her controversial content and disregard for cultural values can be seen as potentially dangerous for the ethical development of youth living in Pakistani society. It is essential to engage in open discussions about the influence of social media personalities and to encourage critical thinking, responsible consumption of media, and the promotion of positive ethical values in order to guide the younger generation toward a more balanced and culturally sensitive path.

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