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Madness to go out of Pakistan. . . . . Agents and human trafficking.
Allah has blessed Pakistan with numerous blessings. A few things that set us apart from the rest.
1. The second largest salt mine in the world
2. Vast deposits of coal
3. Natural gas
4. Copper deposits
5. Deposits of countless other minerals
6. Water
7. Four seasons
8. Highly fertile land
9. Forests
Apart from this, Allah has blessed Pakistan with many blessings. Let me enlighten you about the negative and positive aspects of Pakistan.
1. People of Pakistan are very compassionate and friendly. However, sometimes we get the wrong kind of people.
2. Culture, civilization and culture of Pakistan (which includes precious places like Mohenjo-daro, Harappa, buildings built by Mughals)
3. The northern regions of Pakistan are exemplary in their beauty.
4. Pakistani food is also your example.
5. Here you can live your life at very low cost.
6. And above all, Pakistan’s geo-strategic position gives it a strong base.

A country with so many positive aspects, whose youth are risking their lives for their bright future. More than 300 Pakistanis drowned in the open sea near the Greek border. Who is responsible for all these situations and how and how this desire was born among those wishing to go to Europe. What is his background? Let’s take a brief look at these things.
The custom of going to foreign countries started by seeing the neighbors. This story starts from the time of Mangla Dam construction. When the Mangala Dam was to be built, the then Foreign Minister Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto advised the people there to settle abroad for employment and also took steps for them in Baharpur. It was a double deal by which the standard of living of the people was also to be raised and foreign exchange was also to come to Pakistan. The link starts here. When these people started visiting their relatives, the people of this place saw their living conditions and wealth, so the people of this place also started trying to go out. And this series continues till today.

The practice of illegally leaving Pakistan is highest in Central Punjab, especially in Mandi Bahauddin, Gujarat, Sialkot, Mirpur. People of Jhelum districts keep trying to get out of Pakistan legally and illegally for better employment and quality of life.
Now we come to the reasons why the Pakistani youth wants to get out of here at any cost even after risking his life.
1. Economic difficulties. . . Our per capita income is very low
2. Non availability of justice. . . Pakistan’s justice system ranks among the lowest in the world. Where no one expects justice.
3. Political instability. . . When there is a political chaos in the country, economic stability can never come in the country.
4. Lack of suitable opportunities. . . Pakistani youth have full faith in the wisdom of their country. That is why they are afraid of this system.

It can be hoped that the government of Pakistan will carefully review this critical situation. And considering it as an eye opener, she will pay full attention to solving the problems of the youth. There is an urgent need to minimize the above mentioned reasons. Otherwise tragedies like the Greek boat disaster will continue to occur and we will continue to bury our loved ones alive.
May Allah be with us. Amen.

Zartashia Zareen

Motivational Speaker

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